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Physics, Chemistry, Computers and more...

By Sotiris Fotiou, posted Jan 30, 2018


Students and teachers benefit

Students benefit greatly from being able to take online practice quizzes. These quizzes focus on the critical lower-level thinking learning for the students.


Students engagemnt at its best

Experiments are used to introduce new ideas or to clarify puzzling aspects of topics with which students typically struggle.


Technology and mobile applications

Mobile apps for educational institutions make the learning process fun and easy. The various apps features boost engagement through knowledge-oriented activities.

QR codes

The tech hidden messages 

QR technology provides a wealth of benefits for the techno-friendly teacher. Students are likely to get excited at the prospect of opening Ali Baba’s cave of information at the click of a button!


The Story of Tech Escape Room

By Sotiris Fotiou posted Jan 30, 2018

We are in the year 2035.

The enemy has built a weapon of mass destruction. His goal is to destroy the rest of the world. You are spies and you are in the enemy secret service building. Your goal is to be able to access the Classified Access Computer Room by disabling the alarm.

In order to do that you have to solve the puzzles and find

• the key that you will use to escape from the room along with

• the eight digit code to disable the launch of the enemy's mass destruction weapon!

Good luck!!! .

The contest!

Create a team of 4-5 students. Get in touch with a teacher of your school and contact with the school in your area that has the tech escape room. You will soon receive an email with the time and the date that you can play the game for free! 

Do not forget that you have to solve all the puzzles in as little time as possible. If you can not escape from the room within 90 minutes then you will be taken by the enemy!

Your final time will be recorded and posted with your team name on this site. The team that will win per school and the team that will be winner of all the schools will win rich gifts!.


The Pedagogical Approach

Classroom gamification, applies game-world elements to real-world learning situations. 

The Technology Escape Room is an Erasmus+, etwinning and teachers4europe project. The implementation of this practice was chosen for the effective implementation of gamification techniques in the educational process. By incorporating mechanisms and game features into activities not directly related to the game, students will be able to participate in a separate learning process by finding solutions to the quizzes and the puzzles, designed. Gamification is a pioneering experience and unprecedented for both students and educators.

The introduction of gamification into the educational process gives the teacher considerable help in enhancing student participation, teamwork, critical thinking, exploration and experimentation, in a specially designed environment.

The use of an escape room includes all these features, limited only by the imagination of the teacher. Undoubtedly the design and creation of an escape room is complicated and time-consuming.

But the result is more than satisfactory. It is also useful to participate into the design and creation of the escape room, students who, with their ideas and creative thoughts, will give a special touch.

The Tech Escape Room was designed using quiz, algorithms, programming problems, mathematics, literary poems, and physics, chemistry and electromagnetism experiments.

The result is that, students spend 90 minutes traveling to the magical world of science, learning about inventors and scientists, working together and striving to reach the ultimate solution that will give them the satisfaction of success. When implementing the escape room, students do not look at the clock to see when the lesson ends, but they look at it because they want to have more time to solve all the puzzles.

At the end of the game, the students answer a questionnaire, aimed at evaluating the activity by the teacher.

From this project the students gain valuable knowledge and experience via :

• The development of cooperation between team members

• Improving the creative spirit

• Getting new knowledge through fun

• The acquaintance of students with European inventors, scientists, researchers and experiments of many different specialties

• Creating and maintaining a site - website and social media platforms for the needs of the practice

• The design of experiments and questions from a group of students (3rd class of the EPER) will also participate in the organization and creation of the technology escape room

while the teacher gains valuable experience via:

• Creating an avant-garde escape room for the needs of introducing gambling into the educational process

• The application of innovative practices in the educational process

• The organization and collaboration of many other teachers from many schools and countries

• Assessment of the process before and after implementation of the practice (no interim evaluation can be made in this project)


The first Educational Technology Escape Room in Greece.An Erasmus+ project!


The use of gamification into promoting students engagement in a learning environment.


Students activily learn and practice by solving quizzes and experiments .


7 High Schools in Greece and 2 High Schools in Turkey play the same game! Everything via etwinning and Erasmus+ !



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